Esthetic and biologically long-lasting restorations are only possible when the precious capital of the natural tooth structure is preserved. For this reason, Michel Magne and his team are dedicated to providing minimally invasive restorations to emulate the natural smile.

Nature is Magne’s source of inspiration in esthetic dentistry. With 35 years of experience in the profession in addition to his background in art, Magne is able to create dental restorations that integrate in each patient’s face and personality to create a harmonious and balanced natural smile.
The main challenge of modern esthetic dentistry is addressing age-related changes to the dentition. When wear and age disrupt the beauty of a smile, Magne’s work is to give the illusion of a natural smile. Being able providing that, one needs to know perfectly nature and art, to compensate the defect of those missing parameters.
His passion for dentistry has made Michel Magne a master in the creation and reconstruction of esthetic dental restorations. He considers himself not as a tooth maker in common sense, instead of being a member of the team to realize the patient.
As a producer of some of the industry’s best work, he has much experience and knowledge to share, which has led to the opening of his new laboratory and teaching facility – 901.

901 is a revolutionary new venue where laboratory technicians, clinicians and students have the opportunity to connect and exchange aesthetic knowledge and ideas in order to advance the art of making beautiful and natural looking tooth restorations.

901 offers:

  • state of the art equipment
  • photography studio
  • scheduled classes with Michel Magne and many other renowned colleagues
  • personal patient consultation with Michel Magne


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